Our Building Process is Easy as 1-2-3

With HR2, you’ll never be left guessing about your project—we’ll keep you involved in every step of the construction of your custom property. As we work together, we’ll guide you through the three steps of our transparent, honest & collaborative custom build process: Contract, Construction, & Completion.

Lay The Groundwork

Lay The Groundwork


Begin the custom build process with an open and reassuring consultation. We promise you’ll leave the complimentary consultation knowing exactly what you need to start your project, financially and otherwise.

Start your custom home building process with a consultation meeting. Share your idea with us, we’ll answer your custom home questions.

Includes: A phone call or in-person meeting with the HR2 Construction team

Our first meeting together will give you the chance to:

  • Get to know the HR2 team
  • Find out more about how we work
  • Share your vision for your build
  • Ask whatever questions you may have about custom building.

Cost: Free
*Accurate building costs are established during the Design + Build Process.





You’re ready to start your project. We’ll begin by drafting a contract that’s clear and comfortable for you. Then, we’ll work collaboratively and honestly to draw up interior design and architectural plans to build your dream project.

You went through the discovery phase and now you’re ready to move forward with designing your dream property. Time to progress to the first phase of our design and build process: The Contract.

In this first phase, we’ll go over your wish list, sign a contract to start the design for your new property, and get to work! We’ll plan your build from start to finish and end with everything you need to progress to the build phase.


  • Initial planning and follow-up meetings with HR2, both in-person and over the phone
  • Architectural designs, interior design specs, projects timelines, and a cost for the final project—the framework for your new property
  • 10-80 hours of dedicated time on your project depending on scope.



You’ve dreamt it, we’ve designed it— let’s build it!

Throughout the entire construction phase, from groundbreaking to the final touches of paint and right up until possession day, we’ll keep you informed, involved, and updated. In this phase, we’ll take the hard work done in the design phase and bring it to life.


  • From groundbreaking to the final touch of paint, this phase includes the full construction of your custom property
  • Constant communication between you and your HR2 team about timelines, the progress of your project, supply delays, or cost adjustments.
  • Peace of mind for you, the client, when it comes to budgeting.

We strive to make the build phase as enjoyable and memorable for our clients as possible. We’ll keep you informed and involved every step of the way and vow to be transparent about every decision, update, and development involving your project.




We’ve built it together. Time for you to move in!

Before possession day, we’ll meet to go over the final details. From going over your warranty to the inspection, we’ll cover every detail and answer your questions before you take the keys. 


  • A walk-through and inspection of your new property with your project manager
  • Final adjustments, corrections, and work related to any deficiencies discovered during the inspection
  • A review of your new home warranty
  • Key delivery and celebration—time for you to move in!

Cost: The calories you’ll burn from smiling so much.

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