You finally took the leap and added that sunroom you’ve always wanted. It’s the room of your dreams, and you plan to spend every spare minute you can in it. But first, you want to decorate it. And let’s face it, now that you’re past the construction, the decorating is the fun part. 

You’ve been studying Pinterest and checked out magazines. You’ve decided you want to create a space filled with comfort and elegance. The trick is to narrow down all those ideas to create your beautiful space. 

Read on for decorating ideas and must-haves for your Sunspace Sunroom.

Designate Areas

Your Sunspace Sunroom is such a delightful addition to your home that you may never want to leave it. Set it up so it can serve multiple functions. 

When decorating a sunroom, you want to think first how you hope to use the space.

Do you want to use it as a special reading area? Do you want to serve meals in it? Is it a place to gather for evening cocktails? Do you work from home and want to have a small workspace there?

Organize and decorate accordingly by establishing areas of your sunroom for eating, reading, napping, or socializing.  Then think about what furniture and accessories will help you meet each of those needs. 

Connect to Indoor Spaces

When decorating a sunroom think about how it connects to the other parts of your home. 

Use coordinating or complementary design schemes, so one space flows into the next. You know you will be spending lots of your time out there. Make it inviting by coordinating the decorating, so it feels like one connected space. 

Consider using common colours, furniture, or design aesthetics when creating your design plan for your sunroom. 

Comfortable Seating

When planning your sunroom decor, comfortable seating is a must. Think again about your goals for the space. 

If dining is important, select chairs around the table that allow you to sit back for long conversations and leisurely meals. 

If you want to gather for evening cocktails, plan grouped seating. If you anticipate this is going to become your new favourite spot to hunker down with a good book, choose seating that invites curling up and putting up your feet. 

Comfortable seating encourages you to be a part of it. Use it to get you and your family to the sunroom for relaxation, socializing, and spending quality time together. 

Pay Attention to the Windows

Sunrooms have windows. Honestly, that is one of the beautiful features of the room. They let in all the natural light creating the invitation to linger and hang out.

Like a cat, you might like the idea of curling up in the sunshine. But there might also be times you’d prefer more privacy.

Think about which direction those windows face. Will there be a time you want shades or draperies to block the direct sun or for privacy? 

Consider window treatments that move easily. You can throw them open for the morning sunshine with your coffee or pull them closed for privacy for the evening. 

You might also think about painting the trim on windows to highlight them as a room feature. 

Floors and Ceilings

Once you have thought through furnishing and windows, look up and look down. 

What do you want on the ceiling? Are you going for the outdoor vibe with lights strung across? Do you want to set the tone by adding a chandelier in the center or over the eating space?

You might consider pendant lights for specific areas like your workspace or your reading nook. 

Adding a beautiful rug to coordinate with your furnishing adds a layer of warmth and comfort to the sunroom too. 

Bring the Outside In

Sunrooms are made for plants. Bringing in the greenery offers a lovely connection to the outside. 

Consider adding a few large indoor plants as part of your decor accents. The plants will do well with all the windows, and you will feel like you’re at a vacation resort. 

Use Accessories for Maximum Comfort

The best-decorated rooms have layers. Start with the bones of the room. Add nice furniture. 

Fill in window treatments and floor coverings. 

Now you are ready for the accessories to add comfort to your space. Consider adding:

  • An ottoman for putting your feet up next to your most comfortable chair. 
  • A nice throw blanket for an afternoon nap.
  • Small side tables located next to seating areas for your coffee cup or afternoon beverages. 
  • Ambient lighting for different seating areas. 
  • A stocked bar cart for your social gatherings. 
  • A place for your books, so they’re ready for a relaxing afternoon.
  • Pillows can serve a dual purpose. They decorate your sofa and rest your head for relaxation time. 

These accessories only add to the value of the room. Honestly, you might never want to leave if all the luxuries you need are at the ready.

Sunspace Sunroom Decorating Ideas

Now that you have a list of things to consider when decorating, now think about what style you want for your room. There are a plethora of directions to go when deciding what look you want your sunroom to have. 

Go Vintage
If you want that funky, vintage, cottage look in your sunroom, consider adding some vintage pieces. You could do this by painting a sideboard. Big overstuffed furniture with floral patterns will also give the vintage feel.

Traditional Sunroom Look
Do you want your room to say sunroom? Consider using some pieces in either rattan, bamboo, or wicker.  These could be in either natural browns or be painted pieces. 

Black and White Chic
Looking for a more upscale boutique feel? How about an all-white room. Then consider painting french doors and window trim in shiny black paint. You will feel like you’ve escaped to a chic Parisian hotel.  

Monochromatic Look
Do you have a favourite colour? Why not go all monochromatic? This means using furniture, window treatments, rugs and paint in all the same colour families. 

Beachy Vibe
Love the beach? Bring it into your sunroom with beachy blues and soft greens. Create a sunroom that makes you feel like you never left your beach vacation. 

Luxury Sunroom Bliss
Lucky you to have the Sunspace Sunroom of your dreams. Now use these tips and ideas to finish the space. Create a room filled with comfort and warmth. It is sure to become your favourite room in the house

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