Fall is definitely here, and winter will be here soon. The sun is still up there, but pretty soon you won’t be feeling its heat. You’re probably not thinking about sunrooms or a Lakeland Alberta Sunroom Contractor, but right now is the perfect time to start working on a sunroom that can be ready for next spring—in fact, it’s even easier to build these in the winter!

Here are a few design trends for sunrooms that you might want to incorporate into your own sunroom:

Go Tropical

Tropical or ‘Florida-style’ sunrooms incorporate large windows, bamboo and rattan furniture and a light, airy palette with tropical prints creates an atmosphere a million miles from the frigid Canadian winter and perfectly complements the hot summers.

The Ceiling As Design Element

A simple vaulted ceiling is the standard, but when you’re making your own custom sunroom you have more options available: beams, recessed lighting, skylights and elaborate shapes are all possibilities when it comes to designing a sunroom ceiling.

Bring The Heat

Your sunroom is no good if it’s a refrigerator for half of the year, so you’ll need heating in there. Under-floor heating and conventional radiators will provide heat, but aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. Try an old-fashioned wood-burning stove or a sleek fire pit to add some warmth to your room.

Think Outside Of The Box

A typical sunroom is often designed as an informal meeting place: there will be some comfortable chairs and a small table, and little else. This doesn’t have to be the case: a sunroom can be a media lounge, a gym, a yoga studio, a dining room, indoor pool and more.

Clean Lines

You also don’t need to go for rustic comfort—clean, minimal lines are also a possibility. Rectilinear windows and sharp angles can create a modern look and feel that also minimises clutter.

We’ve got extensive experience in sunrooms at HR2. As the only Sunspace certified dealer and Lakeland Alberta Sunroom Contractor in northeastern Alberta we can create custom sunrooms from modular parts, allowing you to have the space you want built from high-quality, long-lasting components. Call us today to get started on a sunroom that will be ready for when the sun comes back.

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