Cubicles are over and there are some new office design trends. The thin temporary walls separating employees, covered in long out of date post-its and Far Side cartoons have been passé for a while. Modern office designers have found that there are better ways to design offices—ways which encourage productivity and collaboration.

Office design trends come and go, so let’s look at what’s current in office renovation and design.

1. Bring The Outside Inside

Open plan is so nineties: in the 21st century it’s time to go really open plan: mix natural elements into the office interior by bringing in natural stone, wood and plant walls to create an atmosphere that’s both comfortable and expansive. You could also give a nod to log cabins and hunting lodges by incorporating a fireplace.

2. Lounges In, Kitchens Out

A dull office kitchen with a microwave and fridge is a depressing place to spend your break. By creating lounge areas you can have spaces where employees can relax, hold meetings, eat, play foosball and even work. Laptops and wireless mean that workers are no longer tethered to desks, and you can work with that.

3. Go Wireless

The tangle of wires beneath your desk can be cleared up with some smart design. Desks and wiring can be coordinated to remove as many wires as possible. Using all-in-one computers like the iMac, which also have wireless keyboards and mice can further save on unnecessary wires.

4. Get Colourful

The antiseptic, Apple Store aesthetic is fading away and being replaced by workplaces that integrate pops of colour, not just to elevate the visuals, but to code different areas, whether they are departments or desks.

5. Mix Materials

Using varied materials throughout the workplace creates a visually interesting, inspiring tableau. Metal, plastics, stone and wood give designers a rich palette to work from.

6. Take Things Mobile

Hot-desking has been done: now the whole office is mobile. Using light furniture, with as many wheels as possible, and the limited wiring we mentioned above, allows your employees to change the configuration of their office at will, breaking down the rigidity of the workplace.

At HR2 we’ve created office spaces for a wide variety of companies and we understand current office design trends. If your company is looking to create, renovate or expand your office space then give us a call.  In the meantime, if you’re looking for some more inspiration check out these images from the Google offices!

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