Log homes are an incredible way for you to feel closer to nature and have a cozy home you love. With a variety of styles, log homes are versatile and can be customized to suit your vision. Live life naturally in a home that combines nature and luxury.  Below are eight reasons why you need to fall in love with log homes.

  1. Log homes are built from a renewable resource: trees! Experience nature both inside and out.
  2. Many people are surprised to discover that log homes are energy efficient. Logs have a natural property called “thermal mass” that help keep temperatures inside comfortable in all seasons.
  3. Thanks to the same thermal mass that provides energy efficiency, log homes are also quieter. The wood walls provide a sound deafening effect, offering you more peace and quiet.
  4. Log homes are not the average cookie-cutter home. Each home has an individual personality depending on the layout and even the wood selected by you. Log homes give you the option to create a grand entrance that is unsurpassed by any conventional home. Plus, there is nothing more luxurious on a cold winter day than stone fireplace surrounded by wooden walls. Log homes are 100% customizable. 
  5. A log home that has been sealed and treated properly retains its luxurious appearance without taking away from the natural appearance of the wood.
  6. Breathing in fresh air and being out in nature is relaxing. With so many organic accents used in log homes—from the wooden walls to stone fireplaces—you’ll feel like you are surrounded by nature even while inside your home.
  7. No other style of home is as long lasting or as tough as a log home. Log and timber homes dating back more than 800 years are still habitable in Europe. There’s a log constructed church in Russia that is reportedly over 1,700 years old and there are many stories of these homes surviving through brutal weather, including Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Log homes are built solid and built to last.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, log homes are not a fire hazard. Why? The structure of log homes are denser than a conventional home.

HR2 Construction is fully certified by Timber Pro Coatings and Sascho to provide high-end service to our log home clients.  Our log homes have been featured on television’s Timber Kings and are always custom built for your lifestyle.  Contact us today to discuss how to bring the rustic luxury of log homes to life.

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