Unless you’re one of those people who still have their Christmas tree up in mid-January, the chances are that in a few days you’ll have a beautifully decorated, but kind of redundant tree in your front room- one that has probably been shedding pine needles for quite some time.

Most people will put their browning and shedding tree in their front yard on trash pickup day and let someone else take care of it, but there are better ways that you can recycle a Christmas tree- some of which can yield useful items for you to use around your home or garden.

1) Recycle

Your town or village might have its own Christmas tree recycling program, so check your local listings for information. If you can’t find a recycling program near you, Pevach Corp, a tree-removal company based in Bonnyville, are offering their own recycling services. Contact them here.

2) Make a Reef

If you have a body of water on your property, like a lake or even a large pond, then dropping your Christmas tree in there creates food and a small habitat for fish that will decompose over time.

3) Mulch It Up

Pine needles don’t gather mold as they decompose, making them great plant food. Save those cast-off needles and give your lawn a much-needed boost during the winter months.

4) Burn It Up

Like any wood, your Christmas tree can be fuel for your firepit or fireplace. Don’t expect it to keep you warm on Boxing Day though- it’ll need a few months to dry out enough to be suitable for burning.

5) Decorate

Homemade will be In in 2018, so get ahead of the curve by using an afternoon of your Christmas vacation to create something interesting. Anyone with a bandsaw can make coasters from the trunk of a tree, and the branches can be incorporated into floral arrangements or other rustic decor around your home. If you’re going to use real trees as decoration, be sure to sand and stain the exposed wood or you’ll be cleaning up sap in the new year.

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