Is it too early to talk about Christmas? We think not!

Do you look forward to Christmas all year long? (psst… we do!)

Of course, Christmas is more than just one day. We get an entire season to celebrate this holiday with carolling, decorating trees, and building gingerbread houses.

The entire Christmas spirit comes together when you deck the halls of your home. If you have a timber frame home, it’s easier than ever to create a cozy, yet elegant Christmas wonderland, and it’s never too early to start your decorating plans.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading for our ideas on elegant Christmas decorations for your home.

Put a Sheepskin Rug Under Your Tree

Sheepskin rugs are one of the best decorations to give your home that luxury feel. The soft fur mixed with your timber frame home creates a cozy look – you may even feel like you’re relaxing in a ski resort!

When you place a large sheepskin rug under your Christmas tree, it’ll look like it’s sitting atop a fluffy pile of snow from afar, completing your home’s winter wonderland aesthetic.

Just don’t forget to reuse or recycle your Christmas tree when the holiday is over to be easy on the environment.

Place Greens on Your Mantle

When you want to elegant Christmas decorations, consider going natural. Greens are a simple way to bring that Christmas cheer into your home.

Deck out your mantle by placing greens atop it. Finish it off by placing some candles or other holiday decor for added interest.

Frost Your Decorations

Have you ever wanted to add that faux frost look on your centrepieces or decorations? Well, it’s so easy to DIY!

Just mix three parts white glitter with one part silver glitter. Brush some glue over your decorations and sprinkle this glitter mix on top for an instant frost.

This looks great over fake fruits for a natural look, over ornaments, or to add a little sparkle to your Christmas tree.

Go Plaid

When it comes to patterns, you may be tempted to plaster everything with an obvious Christmas print, like reindeer or candy canes. But plaid is a much more elegant take on a Christmas print.

The classic red and green colours found in plaid mimic the colours of Christmas without looking gaudy. Get some plaid throw pillows to dress up your couch and some plaid ribbon to wrap around the tree for the perfect touch of print.

Utilize Cheap Christmas Ornaments

You’ve probably seen those cheap plastic Christmas ornaments in every store around Christmas time. But did you know they can make tasteful Christmas decor if used correctly?

You can attach them to a wreath base to create a colourful and unique DIY Christmas wreath or use them to fill a glass bowl for a gorgeous centrepiece. If you want to go even more elegant, stick with gold and silver ornaments for these projects.

Use Lanterns

Of course, you’ll want to decorate your front porch for Christmas, too. But ditch those wooden lawn signs and inflatable lawn decorations in favour of something subtler.

Lanterns make for elegant holiday decor. Place a thick candle (either white, red, or green) in each lantern and finish it off with bits of greenery, cranberries, or small pinecones.

You just need a few lanterns of different sizes to create a simple and tasteful Christmas-themed porch.

Play with Gold

When you think of a Christmas colour pallet, green and red is probably the first thing that comes to mind. If you’re looking for something more elegant, go with gold accents.

You can paint small Christmas figurines gold to include in centrepieces, use gold candle holders, and tie a gold ribbon around your tree. These little touches will help detract from an overly red and green colour scheme and give you a more sophisticated look.

Wrap Greens Around Your Stairwell

Alright, so you already laid greens on your mantle and you have a giant Christmas tree in the center of your great room. But there’s always room for more greenery!

Greenery works well with your timber frame home to create a warm and natural feel. So, take this up a notch by wrapping greens around the handrail on your stairs.

You can use ribbons or string lights as accents or hang some simple decor from the handrail for extra interest.

Play with Your Food

Walnuts and cranberries both inspire that Christmas feel, so they can be used in simple Christmas decorating ideas.

One of the best is to place uncracked walnuts and cranberries in a bowl and place a thick, white candle in the center. Cranberries can also be strung and hung around the tree or with greens around the stairwell. Walnuts can be used as fillers for centrepieces to create a natural feel that would go great with your timber frame home.

Create a Poinsettia Tree

It’s no secret that the Christmas tree is the center of all Christmas decor. If you have extra space throughout your house, you may be tempted to place tabletop trees in other rooms.

But a DIY poinsettia tree offers an elegant twist to this idea. Plus, you’ll get to incorporate this famous Christmas flower in a unique way, instead of sticking with the plain old bouquet that everyone is sure to have.

Elegant Christmas Decorations

The key to elegant Christmas decorations is to use subtle objects, like cranberries, walnuts, greenery, and poinsettias instead of plastering obvious Christmas prints everywhere. Just use our guide to make sure you have a sophisticated and festive home this Christmas season.

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