New year, new trends! As 2019 ushers in a fresh set of eye-catching decorating practices, we pay homage to those trends that came before. Here are the decorating trends that are out this year: what made them special, why they’re going, and what newcomer is looking to fill their shoes.

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls were big in 2018, prompting designers to frame anything they could get their hands on. But the verdict is in this year: gallery walls are out. Instead, you should opt for larger, statement pieces that leave a more lasting impression.

Many will be glad to see the trend of walls full of little frames go, not least your cleaner. Cluttered walls are a great way to accumulate dust and fingerprints. They also tend to split the focus of your visitors, forcing them to take in too much and overwhelming the eye.

Bigger, more colourful art that allows the viewer time to linger on the details is set to be the star of the show this year, doing away with the clutter in favour of impact.

Boho Accessorising

Boho is a decorating tradition that rears its head every few years with startling reliability. But just as all good things must end, so must your attachment to your macrame wall hangings.

Leading designers are steering away from the Boho look in favour of more lasting trends.

But don’t be too sad to see this trend fade into obscurity. If your soul belongs to the earth, have hope! You can always channel those feelings into an authentic piece that resonates with real ethnic traditions. Just make sure you’re buying from the culture that you want to reflect – no more cheap, mass-manufactured knockoffs.

Word Art

Word art is the trend that doesn’t seem to die, but 2019 is the year designers have come together to take a flamethrower to your “Live, Laugh, Love” wall hangings.

Whether it be carefully arranged wooden ornaments, or framed inspirational word salads, word art needs to stay on the page and out of your decor.

But don’t worry, if you absolutely need to hang your favourite quote on the wall, there’s a way to make it not hokey. Commissioning hand lettering by a professional artist is a great way to show your love of Shakespeare and keep a roof over an independent artist’s head. It’s win/win.

Extreme Minimalism

Marie Kondo may have done a number on your hoarding tendencies but 2019 will ensure you don’t go too far down the other end of the scale. Yes, extreme minimalism is out. 

This trend comes in the wake of decorators paring rooms down too much, leaving their homes looking sterile and uninviting. Instead, 2019 will be the year colourful accessories, layered approaches, and comfortable spaces take precedence.

On the upside, this trend allows for the occasional clothing chair to make a grand reappearance. Just don’t go overboard and turn it into a wardrobe chair.

Brass Accents

Brass was big in 2018 but that’s where it’s staying. In its place is a more balanced mixed-metal approach to home decor.

Gold tapware, silver frames, and matte fittings will all co-exist in a more natural, casual approach to metal accents. Just make sure you’re keeping everything in balance. Match your cool tones well and ensure you’re providing contrast with warmer and cooler pieces throughout a room.

Mass-Produced Furniture

The decorating industry is just one of many jumping on the eco-friendly train in the face of our ever-more-obvious impact on the environment. To that end, 2019 is the year we turn our noses up at mass-produced, environmentally iffy furniture. In its place: sustainable pieces with eco-friendly manufacturing and distribution practices.

So if you’ve been leashing your inner thrifter, now’s the time to let them loose. Solid thrift finds aren’t just a boon for the environment, they’re also often one-of-a-kind statement pieces that will truly ground your room with authenticity.

And if second-hand isn’t your jam, don’t you worry. There are plenty of independent contractors that build sustainable, custom pieces that will be the star of whatever room you choose to place them in. And if that room is also custom built, all the better!

Stand-Alone Prints

Wallpaper experienced a resurgence in popularity in 2018 but this year is looking to take things a step further. Rather than single statement walls or stand-alone patterns, 2019 will be the year prints mingle and clash.

Contrasting prints and textures will influence designers to be bold, striking, and exuberant in their interior decorating. Expect to see clashing prints on everything from upholstery to curtains to wallpaper to furniture.

Not a fan of mixed prints? Why not test the waters with a mix and match of textures and tones in a more neutral colour palette. Start with a focus piece such as a textured couch and then work back to create a layered, patterned environment.

Grey Everything

2018 was the year of grey. It dominated everything from walls to decor to upholstery. Unsurprisingly, by the time the ball dropped on 2019 grey was officially done to death.

In response, this year saw the focus shift to brighter, bolder colour palettes. Blues, pinks, oranges – whatever takes your fancy, just make sure the saturation is turned way up.

Not sure you’re ready to embrace the rainbow lifestyle? Consider adding depth to a room with contrasting textures and patterns in a more uniform palette. Still a far cry from grey but not so so bright as to have its own Mardi Gras parade float.

Here’s to the Decorating Trends That Are Out

Trends may come and trends may go, but isn’t that half the fun? These decorating trends that are out have had their time in the sun, but now it’s time to retire them in favour of newer, fresher ways to decorate our homes. Here’s to the new trends of 2019!

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