If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen or create a whole new look in your favorite room of your house, checking out the current kitchen design trends is a good way to go.

Aren’t you curious what decorators and interior designers are doing in homes and kitchens across the country? Don’t you want a modern home that’s on the cutting edge of what’s hot on the market today?

Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll go over some of the top kitchen design trends we’re seeing so you can be on top of your game.

1. Technology and Automation

Creating a smart home is a trend across all rooms, and the kitchen is no exception. Today, people want their kitchen to be futuristic. They don’t just want to use the space to work in — they want the kitchen to work with them, too.

These days, if your home doesn’t respond to you or help you with your daily tasks, you’re behind the times!

In homes across the world, people are installing lights that are activated by motion sensors. In other words, your kitchen lights turn on when you walk in the room and when you’re using the kitchen.

They also have special meat thermometers that are hooked up to your phone to alert you when dinner is ready to be taken out of the oven. From hands-free faucets to tablets that display all your favorite Pinterest recipes, modern kitchens are equipped with all the latest in tech and innovation.

2. Gray Over White

Remember when white kitchens had a moment? Well, that trend is over and gray has taken its place.

You’ll start to see less and less of the sterile, all white kitchens that began to be the popular choice when it came to kitchen design trends.

Now, many homeowners are opting for more of a cool gray palette. This keeps the clean, calm feeling that white provides but offers a little more intrigue to the eye.

Grays mix well with whites, woods, and basically any colour for a sleek, impressive feel in your kitchen.

3. Statement Floor Tiles

Bold flooring has been one of the rising kitchen design trends for some years now. But usually, this was seen in a dark or bold colour choice for flooring paired with a more neutral palette for the rest of the kitchen.

Now, homeowners are choosing floor tiles that stand out. Rugs simply aren’t practical when it comes to kitchen flooring, so instead, people are choosing to go with a permanent statement piece like dramatic flooring choices.

Think patterned, colourful tiles and all sorts of ways to add flair to a kitchen from the ground up.

4. Hidden Appliances

Another one of our favourite kitchen design trends is hiding the modern appliances that are typically stored right on the countertop of your kitchen. This includes things like microwaves, toaster ovens, bread baskets, and more.

Though you use these items every day, they are a bit unsightly. They might not match your theme, and they add clutter to your kitchen.

Instead of keeping them stored in plain sight, people are now opting for special cabinetry that hides them away.

You can keep them in the same spot you normally would — only now, you can close the door over them and hide them from view.

5. Colourful Sinks

What’s the best way to add a pop of colour to spice up a monochromatic kitchen?

Have a crazy coloured sink!

This is one of the most fun kitchen design trends out there today. It’s actually a retro trend making a comeback from the 1960s.

Adding a sink that’s a bright pop of a neon colour or maybe even a crazy marble or tie-dye design can be a really unexpected element. It’s a great way to add an eccentric flair to your kitchen without doing anything too crazy or permanent. After all, replacing a sink is much easier than redoing your cabinets, flooring, and walls!

Colourful sinks come in a wide array of styles. Maybe you have a ceramic painted sink or a glass sink with beautiful designs blown through. Or maybe you pick a solid colour in a bright tone.

This trend is still up and coming, so get your bright coloured sink installed before all of your friends do!

6. Pet-Friendly Kitchens

When you have a child, baby proofing your home is one of the first things on your mind. But have you ever considered making your home — especially your kitchen — comfortable for pets too?

Many homes today are adding special sections for their pets. Pets are more and more often considered part of the family, so giving them some amenities makes sense!

One of the top trends when it comes to pet-friendly kitchens is adding a feeding station.

In this special little cubby, you can add a special cabinet to store your pet’s food, toys, and other supplies. It can be a special door that opens up only at feeding times, which also conceals this somewhat dirty area from view during the day.

This is a great way to keep your kitchen clean, keep the pet items confined to one area, and quickly clean up when guests arrive. Some people are even building sleeping areas, like doggy beds, underneath the kitchen island.

Ready to Incorporate These Kitchen Design Trends?

Are you ready to build the kitchen of your dreams? If these kitchen design trends have inspired you, what’s holding you back from creating a space you love for yourself?

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