We’re nearly in a whole new year! That means that we have a new Colour of the Year and style magazines are starting to put out their ideas about what 2018 trends for home renovations.

If you’re thinking about updating your home’s looks then perhaps you’ve got a vision in mind- if so, give us a call- but if you’re still looking for some inspiration, read on.

Rich Colours 

Not bright colours, not bold colours: rich colours. Deep blues, moody greys, dusky yellow and oranges, crimson and royal purple. Keeping it the right side of dark and gloomy will give you a timeless, classy palette.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete is a versatile, easy to use material that also happens to be incredibly durable and, if used right, very attractive. Granite countertops are everywhere, so consider getting ahead of the curve by making concrete your go-to material.

Floral Chandeliers

Right now, flowers (if you have them) go in a vase, chandeliers are crystal and go overhead. That’s the way it’s always been done, right? It doesn’t have to be like this: whether you’re creating a one-off for a special event or creating a permanent piece using dried florals and silks, a floral chandelier will take your living space or dining room to the next level.

Natural Wood and Cork

Wood is great as it is, no treatments or stains required. You’ll be seeing a lot more natural wood, with just a dash of finish to keep it waterproof, and more cork- a light, versatile wood that is good at deflecting water while still looking great.

3D Tiles

Accent walls and kitchens can be enlivened by tiles with serious texture. Regular and irregular patterns are both in, as long as they have depth.

Handmade Is In

Sorry Ikea: one of the key 2018 trends is that more people will be putting together their own pieces of home décor with a ‘feeling of kinship or folklore’. Tribal or exotic patterns are a good bet.

Mixed Materials

Certain materials might be more 2018 than others, but nothing is more 2018 than using all of them. Mixed materials are going to be big, so take a look at the pictures above and mix them all up to create a fascinating palette of materials.

Does anything above inspire you? Have your own ideas for 2018 trends in home renovations? Either way, let us know and we’ll create a 2018 look for you.

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