If you’ve got a new member of the family on the way then it’s time to start thinking about baby proofing and a renovate- with a new baby you’re not going to have the time for DIY projects. Stair gates and outlet covers are obvious, but there are a number of other things you’ll want to pay attention to and potentially renovate.

1. Make Sure There’s No Lead Paint

If you have a modern home this won’t be a problem, but homes built before 1991 should always be checked for lead paint. Lead builds up over time in a child’s blood and has been linked to a whole host of health problems, such as lowered IQ. Young children could ingest chipped paint and all the lead it contains, so be extra sure that your paint isn’t chipped or peeling.

2.Secure Your Furniture

A large, heavy Ikea dresser recently had to be recalled because it was possible for even small toddlers to pull it over. You’d be surprised by what can be pulled over given some leverage and persistence. Secure your cabinets, lamps, end tables and bookshelves as best you can. The television is the most important item to secure, so either attach it to a tv stand or have it wall mounted.

3. Start cutting corners

Every edge of a coffee table is a potential head injury hazard. You can buy corner guards for your furniture, or perhaps now’s the time to consider to renovate your home. You can get rid of the sharp corners and build features that are rounded or even upholstered.

4. Fill in the hiding places

Children are natural explorers, and if they see an open cabinet or even a fireplace they’re going to want in. Buy auto-closers and latches for your low cabinets, like those under the kitchen sink, and fill in your fireplace. You can cover it up completely or find an interesting use for it, like a bookcase.

5. Protect Your House From Your Baby

Children are messy, and they don’t care about your pristine white couch or your expensive wallpaper. In addition to protecting them from your home, you’ll need to protect your home from them, and that means replacing or covering light-coloured fabrics and finding other places for ornaments and bowls of potpourri.

As a family company, we’ve done baby-proofing before and we’d be more than happy to help your own growing family.

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