We all crave a little getaway from time-to-time, somewhere to escape and get our mind off the stresses of everyday life.

But all too often that getaway is just not attainable – be it time and money constraints, or perhaps your babysitter is the one off on a getaway!

That’s why an in-house escape is quite possibly the next-best-thing. Enter, the man cave.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to remodel your basement, along with a selection of man cave ideas, we outline it all in this blog…

Adding Value to Your Home: Basement Conversions

If you have a basement in your home which is sitting empty and unused, now may be a good time to consider converting it into a practical, usable space.

Ultimately, a basement conversion adds extra space to your home, which, in turn, increases its value.

It’s also a great way to add value to your home without having to do any major renovations which may cost a small fortune.

In fact, many estate agents estimate a basement conversion can add an additional 10% value to your home.

Aside from a little cleaning, waterproofing and the addition of ventilation in the form of a window or separate entrance, converting a basement is relatively affordable.

While there is a myriad of ways to convert a basement, the man cave has become a highly popular go-to!

Basement Planning Permissions

You may need to check with the home renovations experts working on your basement remodel regarding these permissions.

But for the most part, a basement remodel doesn’t require planning permission as the update is taking place on the inside of your property.

However, if you plan on adding a separate entry point or windows to your basement, planning permissions will generally be required.

Our Top 8 Man Cave Ideas

When it comes to creating the ideal in-home escape, there are a number of man cave ideas to consider.

However, one of the most important things to remember is to have a little fun with the task and let your personality shine through.

This way you will be able to create a space that is a true representation of you, helping you to feel relaxed and 100% comfortable.

1. Choose Your Man Cave Theme

This may be one of the most important man cave ideas to start with – determining the theme of your personal space.

Depending on your budget, you can really personalize your man cave, allowing the rest of your decor inspiration to flow from your theme.

To get the proverbial ball rolling a few popular man cave themes include:

  • A games room
  • The classic study
  • Nautical/boating/yachting
  • Fishing/the outdoors
  • Sports fanatic
  • Western saloon
  • Rock ‘n roll
  • Golf

Once your theme has been established you can work on the layout, the furniture, your decor and even your lighting!

2. Determine the Layout

Another one of the most important man cave ideas to work with is to determine the layout of your space.

To best work with the space you have, there are two simple ways of approaching this task:

The first is to work with an existing layout and pick the main features of your man cave.

I.e. will there be a bar area, massive television screen or pool table? Assign these to the space of your existing layout.

The second option involves designing a custom layout from scratch. Here you will want to choose your main features, and then design your layout around those features.

One of the most popular layout concepts for a man cave is an open-plan concept, where all major features are in plain view of one another.

3. Create Smart Storage

While a man cave is supposed to be a place of relaxation and escape, the last thing you want is for it to become a place of clutter and chaos!

Another one of our top man cave ideas is to create smart storage to keep all your accessories, gaming equipment, remote controls and collectibles neat and tidy.

Here you can get creative and DIY your own unique pieces for storage units.

Use wood crates and pallets or empty wine casks to create your own set of drawers or rustic-inspired storage units for things like gaming controllers.

4. Install Plush Seating

No man cave would be complete without comfortable, plush seating to tie it all together.

In fact, seating should be one of the main features of a man cave.

Just a few examples to include are a long, cushioned sofa, plush reclining chairs, over-sized bean bags or even a hammock or two.

Naturally, your comfortable seating should also include space for guests, with plush fabrics such as leather and suede really adding to your man cave experience.

5. Meet You At the Bar

A designated bar area with an ice maker, coffee maker for non-drinkers and bar fridge is another feature to consider for your man cave.

Quite frankly, a man cave is somewhat incomplete without this feature. After all, it saves you multiple trips back into the house where chores and responsibilities await!

You can craft your very own man cave bar from wooden pallets. Sand them down and add a few coats of varnish to resemble a sturdy, elegant addition to your man cave.

Create your very own industrial shelving from pipe joints and raw wood for the ultimate masculine touch to your bar area.

6. For Your Viewing Pleasure

When it comes to the purpose of your man cave, you’ll need to assess what it is you want to do in this personal space.

Generally, gaming, movie and sport viewing and unwinding with friends are the most common uses for a man cave.

With that said, a home theatre system is one of the top essentials for any man cave.

A high-quality flat-screen TV and surround-sound system will really help to bring it all together, making the man cave experience all the more enjoyable!

7. Man Cave Memorabilia

To really add a touch of your personality and turn your man cave into a space that represents you or your family, memorabilia is a great way to go about it.

Don’t be afraid to display your favourite collectibles, just make the sure the expensive ones are out-of-reach of sticky little fingers!

Use floating shelves above your seating area or the shelving behind your bar as a great place to display your best collectables, artworks, books and more!

8. It’s All About Lighting

Unwinding in a man cave is greatly dependant on the mood and lighting of your space. As such, this may be an area you end up spending a little extra money.

Adjustable down-lighters and unique light-fittings help to add that extra touch of personality to any man cave.

Add a masculine edge to space with exposed, over-sized light-bulbs, old-world iron lanterns, customized neon lights for behind the bar and more!

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