Are you thinking about an open floor plan for your custom-built home in the Lloydminster Alberta area?

You’ve heard open concept floor plans are all the rage, but the question is it right for you and your family’s dream home?

You’re not the kind of person who jumps on the bandwagon just because it’s popular. You don’t always agree with the status quo or the trends. It has to make sense to you.

If you’re not sure if a home with an open floor plan is the right choice for your custom build dream home, this article might help you decide. In this post, you’ll learn about the eight advantages of an open floor concept plan.

Without further adieu, we present the benefits of open concept floor plans.

What is an Open Floor Plan?

An open floor plan combines two or more rooms into a single living space. In this plan, the builder eliminates smaller rooms, doors and narrow hallways.

This design makes it simpler for the homeowner and their families to move around from one space to another in the home.

Because of the advantages of open floor plan homes, many homeowners are purchasing homes with open concept plans or remodelling their existing homes for several reasons.

Where Did the Open Concept Plan Come From?

It was the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright who is credited for the design of open floor plans. The first home he designed dates back to the 1880s.

He combined this turn-of-the-century architectural style into prairie houses in the Midwest United States.

Later in time, Wright created another style named the Usonian. This style mirrored open concept design. It brought the outdoors indoors.

1. An Open Floor Plan Brings Nature Indoors

One of the great benefits of an open floor plan layout: it brings natural light inside the home. As Wright intended, it makes a natural connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces without a line of demarcation. Light can travel everywhere!

To enhance this effect, homeowners should have their builders to add multiple windows to the design to allow the natural light to flow through the home.

The floor plan not only provides more light in the home, but it also offers a lovely view of the outdoor landscape for all to admire.

For extra sunny days, window coverings such as blinds can be adjusted to bring in or keep out the exact amount of sunlight the homeowner desires.

2. The Home Appears More Spacious

Another advantage of an open floor concept is the illusion of space.

When a builder designs a custom home, they typically work with a two-story home that contains vaulted ceilings. By opening space above, the home will appear much more spacious.

3. Creates a Better Entertaining Space

Open floor plans make entertaining so much easier. It’s easy to socialize with guests when you’re preparing a meal in the kitchen without needing to leave guests or your stove unattended by leaving the room.

You can still chat with your company from the kitchen. Why not have your construction professional design a bar and have guests help themselves to refreshments and cocktails!

With an open layout, entertaining is more enjoyable. It not only makes the room flow nicely visually, but it also adds a nice flow to the conversation. You and your guests will appreciate the opportunity to socialize easily in your new comfortable space.

4. Makes the Kitchen the Centre of the Home

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. It’s a popular place in the home for people to gather. And when your home features an open concept plan, it really is the beating heart of the home.

The open concept provides you with the opportunity to make your kitchen the centre point. Why not make it look like it, too, by bringing the kitchen’s elements through other areas of the house.

You can customize the kitchen to match the other design elements and decor in the home such as stainless steel appliances, backsplashes, paint colours and even lighting and accents in your new custom home.

5. Connects Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

Modern homes use open floor plans to connect indoor with and outdoor spaces. Builders achieve this by extending indoor spaces to expansive outdoor spaces such as lanais and verandas.

This design creates the appearance of an abundant, joined space that merges the interior and exterior. Homeowners often match decor and design element choices to make these adjoining areas feel even more connected.

Examples could be using similar textiles, fabrics, wall colours, greenery in indoor and outdoor living areas.

When considering home design, think about mirroring design elements to help merge your indoor space with an outdoor oasis as one.

6. Lets You Keep a Closer Eye on the Tots

Having an open floor plan allows you to keep a close eye on your children. It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching television, working in your office space or cleaning up in the kitchen.

You can see how your children interact with each other. Is James being a good lad? Are the children doing their homework, stuck on a math problem they need help with or playing video games when it’s homework time?

7. Gives Your Custom Home a More Modern Look

Are you a person who appreciates contemporary home design and construction? Then a spacious, open floor plan will give your home a modern, updated look and feel.

If you enjoy modern conveniences and classic touches, you can still mix and match antiques or classic styles with a modern flair.

Why not blend modern with classic items for a modern statement with a touch of nostalgia.

8. Easier to Sell Your Home More Quickly

Since open concept floor plans are in high demand, when it comes time to sell your home, it’s natural you will be able to sell it faster.

While it’s not the only factor, many homeowners have received higher prices for homes that featured open floor plans because the homes are in greater demand.

Final Thoughts on an Open Floor Plan Custom Home

As you can see, an open floor plan in a custom home offers multiple benefits to your home.

So bring nature indoors, make your space appear larger, give the kitchen a focal point and enjoy entertaining and family gatherings in your new dream home. If what you choose is an open concept custom home.

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