When we think of a house, we automatically focus on the basics – exterior, kitchen space, bathroom, living room and bedrooms. We concentrate on these qualities because they’re where we spend the majority of our time. The kitchen is the hub of a home – everyone needs to eat, and meals together promote family bonding. But, having an outdoor space that is comfortable is as important as the bones of a house.

Here are 5 ways a deck can enhance your home:

It Adds Property Value

Your home is your biggest investment and building a deck can make that investment even more worthwhile. Decks are a low maintenance option to increase the value of your home. In this economy, with many people choosing “staycations” rather than leaving their home for a vacation, providing an amazing outdoor space will not make your home more enjoyable when you are there, but it is also a huge appeal to prospective buyers when you decide to sell. Homeowners adding a wood deck to their home can recoup nearly 63% of the project’s cost when the home is sold.

Decks Can Be Multi-Purpose

A deck is one of the few spaces that isn’t one dimensional. Building a deck or patio space is the optimal entertainment area. By taking advantage of the open air, guests can move around freely, and you can worry less about clean up. Decks are perfect for low-key backyard barbeques with friends or Canada Day celebrations. Add a gazebo, drape a bit of fabric and add some flowers and lights and you’ll have the ideal location for a backyard wedding. Or, you can keep your deck all to yourself,  set up a lounge chair, grab your favourite book and a glass of Malbec and use it as your way to escape from the busy world. 

It’s Beneficial To Your Health

Having a space to enjoy the outdoors is beneficial to your health. Vitamin D from the Sun is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. Not only that, but artificial light can provoke nearsightedness! Spending more time outdoors can also improve your sleep patterns. Our sleep patterns are regulated by the sun, so the more time you spend indoors in artificial light, the more likely your sleep will be come interrupted. Spending time outside can impact your mental well-being and improve your attention span, boost your serotonin and also increases activity in the parts of your brain that are responsible for empathy, emotional stability and love! You can grow an herb garden, go bird watching in your back yard or simply meditate.  You’re a busy person, and sometimes your health gets put on the back burner, but a deck will help you to stay healthy by spending more time outside!

They can be Inexpensive & Quick To Build

Decks are significantly less in cost compared to any other home addition option, which makes them a fantastic choice to enhance your home without breaking the bank. Decks are completely customizable; any shape or style that you want or in any colour. You can design your deck to match the shutters of your house and the design of your home to make it look natural and more appealing. You can have a multi-level deck with different tiers for eating, cooking and lounging.  Decks are also one of the quickest upgrades you can add to your home and don’t require contractors to invade your indoor space. Contact us today to start your plans!

Increases The Size of Your Home

While decks are technically a part of your backyard, things like Sunspaces and sheltered patios are also connected to your house. A Sunspace can add increased square footage so you can enjoy the sun any time of year.  It can give your grandchildren a place to play when the spring turns every trip outside into mud track in your home, or it can be the perfect place for you to soak up the rays when it is -20 outside.

Occasionally, life can be hectic. But a deck, patio or Sunspace will give you an easy escape to some much needed peace and quiet!

Want to start building your outdoor space so you can enjoy it come summertime?

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