In an ideal world, we would skip the idea of a starter home and jump directly into owning our dream home. In today’s market, that simply isn’t the case for most people, but, there’s no reason that your starter home can’t become your dream home! Remodelling services can change the interior of your home and give it the look you’ve always wanted, creating a home that is uniquely you. If you’re considering home remodelling services, continue reading to learn the five crucial pieces of advice that you need to know before starting the remodelling process.

1. What’s the difference between home renovation and home remodelling?

Remodelling and renovation, while they sometimes go hand-in-hand and are often used interchangeably, for contractors the two words have very different meanings.


Refers to the restoration or repair of an existing structure. The original design isn’t altered drastically, only upgraded. Renovation often includes updating counters and cabinets in kitchens, installing new light fixtures, painting or other minor finishes.


Involves changing the use of a space — completely transforming it — including changing the layout of rooms and redesigning floor plans. An example of remodelling would be combining the kitchen and living room to create an open concept layout, or installing a kitchen island. Remodelling gives the space an entirely new look and feel.

Understanding the difference between home remodelling and home renovation will help you determine which is best for your lifestyle. Remodelling typically costs more than renovating because it is more complex, with designs and floor plan changes.

2. It’s All in the Details 

Many people get stuck on the big picture when planning a home remodel. While understanding the end goal is necessary, we can’t forget the little details that will get you there. For example, when remodelling your bathroom to create the ultimate spa oasis, it’s a good idea to replace the standard plastic light switch covers with a higher-end product so not to take away from the relaxing aura. The same goes with heating vent covers, towel racks, faucets and all those little details that contribute the the aesthetics of a room. You want to be sure that every part contributes to the ambience that you’re creating.

3. Be Realistic About Your Life

Some remodels require a fair amount of upkeep. If you have a 60 to 80 hour work week and are looking for floors that don’t require a lot of upkeep, it’s best to avoid darkly stained wood flooring because dust and dirt can show up quickly. Working collaboratively, you and your local contractor can determine which products will fit best for your lifestyle.

Set Sensible Goals

Many home remodelling projects involve unforeseen circumstances that won’t become apparent until the project is underway. Opening up walls can lead to the discovery of electrical issues, structural problems or plumbing surprises. Make sure you work with a contractor that will always keep you included during the remodelling process and never surprises you with costs at the end, or tries to hide issues from you. Ultimately, your safety and health is the most important thing.
No two projects are the same, so make sure to work with a home builder or Bonnyville contractor that develops realistic timelines and expectations by working collaboratively with you. If anyone says, there is nothing that could ever go wrong, that’s just not realistic. It might make you happy at first, but in the end it causes a lot more harm than good. So, always keep in mind that there could be deviations from the plan – some projects may be done faster, and others may take a bit longer if there are unexpected surprises.

Understand Local Building Codes & Regulations

Many homeowners assume that because they own their home, any construction or remodelling done is their decision. Depending on where you live, you may need to consider the building codes and regulations. Some areas require permits if you are digging outside of your home, pouring structural foundation, or installing certain electrical/plumbing/structural components. In Alberta, The Alberta Safety Codes Authority oversees permit approval and inspections on behalf of the Government of Alberta. Dig into the scenarios that require a permit so you can save yourself a heap of trouble, or delay, in the long run.

For many homeowners, the reality of home remodelling may seem daunting, but if you take your time and determine your needs and wants, you’ll be able to create your ideal space . HR2 Construction, your local Bonnyville contractor, can work with you to create a specialized home design to meet your needs; whether that’s in stages, or all at once while you’re gone on vacation. Contact us today to discuss your future project.

A house is a huge investment; take the time to make it your home.

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